My father, Michael Anthony Grimaldi, was born in 1930, in a town in Italy called S. Stefano di Rogliano.  His parent's names were Eugene Grimaldi and Marianna Pugliese. My grandfather lived in Tacony, Philadelphia. My grandfather sent for my father, my grandmother, and my aunt Clara to board a ship called Saturnia in Naples, Italy which took them seven days to arrive to the New York Habour. 

My mother, Maddalena Vittoria Grimaldi, was born in 1932, in a small town in Italy called Cleulis. Her parent's names were Placido Pietro and Paolina Micolino. After World War II my grandfather lived in Philadelphia. My mother, my grandmother and my aunt Licia, who was 9 years old at the time, left Italy in 1947 on a war ship called Marine Perch. From Genea it took them nine days to arrive in the New York Habour. They lived in Germantown, Philadelphia. That is where all the people from her town in Italy settled.

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